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How To Tell If You Have A CBS Mutation

February 18, 2024 Dr. Lam
The Dr. Lam Show
How To Tell If You Have A CBS Mutation
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Do you have a CBS gene mutation? This little-known condition is more common than you might think and can wreak havoc on every aspect of your health and well-being. Here’s how to tell if you have this mutation and what to do about it.

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Dr. Carrie Lam, MD:

How to Know If you have a CBS mutation. Have you ever heard of a CBS mutation? This is the cystathionine beta-synthase or CBS gene provides instructions for your body to create this enzyme of the same name. This enzyme helps to convert homocysteine and cystathionine into other substances that your body needs. When you have a CBS gene mutation, it means that the CBS enzyme works too fast. There are more than 150 mutations that can occur with this gene, and each of them disrupts the normal function of the cystathionine beta-synthase enzyme. Two of the primary problems that actually occur when you have a CBS mutation are toxic waste buildup in your body, and poor glutathione production. When the normal functions of the CBS enzyme are disrupted, it allows the buildup of homocysteine and other potentially toxic compounds in your body. And these substances can damage the walls of blood vessels and contribute to plaque formation of the blood vessels. So this mutated CBS gene can also result in a faster than normal conversion of homocysteine and cystathionine. And when this conversion is performed too quickly, it results in taurine instead of glutathione. And this is very bad for your body and your health as glutathione is one of the most essential antioxidants in your human body. Glutathione usually exists in high levels in the human body, and is required for a number of different processes, which include detoxification and immune function. It's also essential for the functioning of other antioxidants. So when your body is low in glutathione, and you may experience issues like cancers or recurrent viral or fungal, parasitic bacterial infections, toxic metal sensitivities, being very sensitive to many different things, whether it's food or electromagnetic fields or chemicals. And so if you think you have a CBS mutation and you should get tested. A blood test will be able to find some signs like elevated BUN levels above 20 sometimes can indicate a problem. ELT, which is alanine lactase transferase level that are higher than 30. This is a liver enzyme, and low levels of homocysteine like less than six. These could point to some signs but it's not definitive. CBS mutations can impact almost every organ and circuit in your body and cause a wide variety of health issues, including nutrient, mineral and antioxidant deficiencies, and increased food sensitivities, gut problems like leaky gut, constipation, higher than normal bacterial load, elevations in toxic substances in your body like ammonia sulfites and hydrogen sulfide, high glutamate levels which can cause excitotoxicity or nerve damage because excessive stimulation of certain neurotransmitters. You can also get blood sugar fluctuations, disruptions to your methylation cycle. And CBS mutation can actually sometimes cause high copper levels, which can also lead to a variety of health issues as sleep problems, increased oxidative stress, dizziness, low blood pressure, mood instability, memory problems, skin, hair, low energy, rapid heartbeat, sore muscles, breathing difficulties and neurological disorders. So lots of things can happen with A CBS mutation. So once you've been to see your doctor and you can determine if you have a CBS mutation, there are things you can do. Here's what we recommend, you can get a urine amino acid test to determine your taurine levels before you supplement. You can eat a diet that doesn't contain a lot of protein, okay, and try supplementing with CBS or NOS capsules. Add spirulina to your diet to help eliminate excess ammonia. Supplement with molybdenum and manganese to help keep copper sulfide and zinc levels normal if your copper levels are abnormal. Take curcumin to improve glutathione production. Take ammonia RNA or L carnitine. If your ammonia levels stay high, and use a charcoal flush, followed by magnesium citrate, one to two times weekly to soak up excess ammonia. These recommendations can help, but make sure you see your doctor and ask for expert guidance before starting any of those and before you know what to do for your CBS mutation. Thank you for listening today on the Dr. Lam show as we are here to empower you to take control of your health. I hope you learned a lot about CBS mutations and like and subscribe to our channel so that other people can also hear this information