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8 Natural Ideas For Boosting Healthy Hair Growth

November 19, 2023 Dr. Lam
The Dr. Lam Show
8 Natural Ideas For Boosting Healthy Hair Growth
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Are you losing your hair? Hair loss can occur in both men and women and cause a lot of stress and emotional upheaval. Fortunately, there are natural ways to slow hair loss and promote healthy growth using products you probably already have at home!

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Dr. Jeremy Lam, MD:

Are you losing your hair? For both men and women, hair is really a sign of youth vitality and health. So oftentimes, losing hair can make you feel old unattractive and embarrassed. There are a number of causes for hair loss, including your environment, your genetics, and how you care for your hair. So it can be difficult to find natural and effective ideas for boosting hair growth. These tips for hair growth may help your overall health and well being. However, if these don't work, make sure you are consulting your local doctor for more intense hair solutions. Massage - Massaging your scalp regularly improves blood flow reducing stress and also helps to strengthen your hair. Try massaging your scalp a couple times a week with coconut oil before going to sleep. Use aloe vera - Aloe vera helps to supply vitamin A, B, B 12, vitamin C and folic acid to your hair and also helps to cleanse, repair and strengthen it. So try massaging your hair regularly with aloe vera, rather than oil and really enjoy the natural beautiful locks that will come out of that clean your hair. Shampoo your hair regularly with lukewarm water to remove dirt and other particles that make your hair follicles weak. Just don't go overboard as overwashing can also have a detrimental effect. Make sure you're also using clean products that are free of toxic chemicals and your shampoo. Condition with coffee - Coffee actually helps to boost circulation and also detoxify your scalp. So it really makes a great conditioner and sometimes even hairspray. It can also help prevent premature graying, so you can get two benefits for the price of one. Get a haircut - This may seem counterproductive, but cutting your hair can actually encourage healthy growth hair goes through three stages. The first stage known as catagen is the growth stage. But when you go too long, without cutting your hair, it starts to split break and gets then at the end. This is the third stage and is associated with very slow or no growth. So really get your hair trimmed regularly if you want to stay in the active growth stage. Rinse with rice water - This idea comes from a Chinese village where women are known to have very long and luscious hair. So after cooking rice, let the water cool and then use it to rinse your hair. The water will be full of carbohydrates and amino acids that will help volumize your hair and protect it from harm. Eat well - Your hair needs nutrients from food in order to grow. Primarily it needs protein. So eat more eggs, bananas, raisins, and spinach to help promote hair growth. Use a hair mask - Your hair needs moisturizing just like your skin. Use an oil like coconut, Jojoba or castor oil as a hair mask and apply it from roots to the tips once a week for a shiny, healthy and strong hair. You can also use egg yolks as the mask for a boost of vitamins sodium, iron and lectin that can actually boost your hair growth and prevent damage. Use Neem and amla- Neem and amla are herbs that can actually help your hair be more shiny and get more volume. They're also antibacterial, so that actually prevent bugs from setting up shop in your hair. Turn these herbs into a paste and apply them directly to your hair or use them in food for the best effect. Thanks for listening. And that's all we have today. We hope that these natural tips to help hair growth will be beneficial for you. If you've liked this video, you found it helpful. Make sure you click the subscribe and the like button so we can continue making this content for other people out there. Thank you for listening today and we're here to empower you to take control of your health