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The Complete Guide to Oil Pulling for Better Health

November 05, 2023 Dr. Lam
The Dr. Lam Show
The Complete Guide to Oil Pulling for Better Health
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Have you heard of oil pulling? Chances are that you may have dismissed this slightly strange practice as another health fad that doesn’t really work. But medical practitioners and dentists are in agreement, there’s actually some very good reasons to try oil pulling for yourself.

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Dr. Carrie Lam, MD:

The Complete Guide to oil pulling for better health. Have you ever heard of oil pulling? This is more than a fad and has been used to improve oral health for 1000s of years in India and throughout Asia. With oil pulling, you put two teaspoons of coconut, olive oil or sesame oil into your mouth. And if you want more antifungal antimicrobial properties, choose coconut oil over the other two. This means it will help support the growth of good bacteria in your mouth. While it improves overall oral health. You then swish the oil around your mouth and back and forth like that between your teeth for around 10 to 20 minutes. Afterwards, spit the oil out into a trash can rinse your mouth with water and brush your teeth as normal. Now 10 to 20 minutes might sound like a long time. But if you do it while you're making breakfast in the shower, or doing something else as part of your morning routine, then the time will go by quickly. And if you can only do oil pulling for five minutes because your mornings are too busy, that's great. Even a little bit helps. And chances are once you start seeing some of the benefits of oil pulling, you'll hopefully find the time to do it longer. I personally love it because it actually whitens teeth. Oil pooling has a number of benefits for your health. It includes improving or reversing tooth decay, which will actually help protect your heart health according to recent research. It also supports weight loss, and improves mouth health, dental health, and improve bleeding gums and strengthen your jaw muscles. What I actually like to use oil pooling as, is actually a detox challenge. Because not only does oil pooling help your oral health, it can actually also be a challenge for detoxification of your extracellular matrix. As our body nowadays is bombarded with many different types of toxins. We need to be able to have daily detoxing to clear ourselves of these environmental toxins. There are other ways to also use oil pulling by actually adding essential oils to your coconut oil. For example, five drops of lavender oil will actually help improve gum health. Tea tree oil can help fight bad bacteria, cloves and cinnamon can help also with the bad bacteria and frankincense helps us support to support immune health. When you start with oil pulling do it every day for two weeks. And this should help get your mouth really clean and healthy. Then you can draw back to oil pulling just twice a week and just to maintain that for detoxing and also oral health. If you're looking for an easy pain free way to whiten your teeth, improve your mouth health, lower your risk of heart disease, try oil pulling. If you have any issues with oil pulling, for example, your gums don't like it or if you have more brain fog, or you start having detox reactions like more fatigue or joint aching, stop it right away for a few days and contact someone to see what is going on. Okay. You can always restart it at a much lower dose. The best type of detox is one that you don't feel. So, thank you for listening. That's what we have today. If you'd like to hear more great tips on your health, make sure to click the subscribe button. Like and share this video so we can help others who you know may be suffering with the same issue. We're here to empower you to take control of your health.