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How To Get Rid of Your Muffin Top For Good

July 23, 2023 Dr. Lam
The Dr. Lam Show
How To Get Rid of Your Muffin Top For Good
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Do you have a muffin top? Tried almost every fad diet and spot-toning strategy you can think of but still have fat protruding over the top of your jeans? Getting rid of this fat deposit can be difficult, but you can do it with these simple lifestyle changes.

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Dr. Carrie Lam, MD:

How to get rid of your muffin top for good? Do you have a muffin top? A muffin top is lower belly fat that hangs over your jeans or pants, almost exactly like the top of a muffin hangs over the base. A muffin top is almost famously difficult to shift, particularly if it appears on you as you get older. However, there are some strategies you can do to adopt that will help you shift your muffin top if you do them consistently. But first, you need to know what a muffin top is and why it's so difficult to shift. A muffin top consists of visceral fat, which is found deep in the body and surrounds the internal organs. This fat is usually protective, but then when there's too much of it, it can push your belly out. And so visceral fat is fairly easy to lose, but it isn't the only fat that contributes to a muffin top. There's another second type of fat and a muffin top and that is subcutaneous fat, which is the fat that lies right under the skin and is found all over your body. This is the most difficult type of fat to lose because it's a source of energy for your body. It's also the way your body protects you against starvation. So your body actually likes you to have as much subcutaneous fat as possible. This is why your body will hang on to this fat as long as possible, and spot toning or restrictive diets won't help. Spot toning doesn't work for fat reduction in one area at all. And restrictive diets will only convince your body that you're starving actually making it harder for you to lose weight. So instead you need to adopt a healthy lifestyle that lowers the fat content in your body overall. And you need to maintain the changes that you make over the long term if you want to keep this weight and this muffin top off long term. That being said, there are four factors that contribute to you having a muffin top. Genetics, stress, hormones, particularly in women that are menopausal and a poor diet. If you're still determined to get rid of your muffin top here are some ideas on how to do it. Eat more fiber which will make you feel fuller longer. Reduce or eliminate the amount of sugar you eat. Sleep more. If you work at a desk, get up and move around every half an hour. Increase the amount of protein that you eat so that you feel fuller for longer and cut back on your alcohol intake. Adopt strategies that will help you lower your stress levels, like yoga, listening to music or reading and try HIIT workouts. HIIT, which are quick and amazing is effective for weight loss and increased overall fitness. But be careful if you have late stages of adrenal fatigue not to over exert yourself with HIIT workout. You don't have to adopt all of these strategies all at once as this only demotivate you. Try adopting one or two making them a regular part of your daily routine. Every little bit will help so start slowly. Talk to your doctor if you're concerned about any aspect of your health. In order to make habits stick, you want to make it around a context. For example, every time I wake up, I brush my teeth. Every time I get into the car, I put my seatbelt on. So what can trigger you to make these habits based on the timeframe or the context environment of where you're at. Thank you for listening. And that's all we have for today. We hope that these natural tips can help you lose and get rid of that muffin top for good. And if you'd like more tips on this, make sure you like and share and subscribe. We love to empower you to take control of your health.