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Alpha Lipoic Acid To Reduce Inflammation

July 09, 2023 Dr. Lam
The Dr. Lam Show
Alpha Lipoic Acid To Reduce Inflammation
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This antioxidant improves insulin sensitivity and has a positive effect on blood sugar. It's also touted to contribute to weight loss as it lessens the body's fatty production. It reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer's degeneration and prevents neuronal cell death in the brain. It's also great at bringing blood pressure to normal limits and maintaining heart health.

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Dr. Carrie Lam, MD:

Alpha Lipoic Acid benefits. What is lipoic acid? Lipoic acid is known as an organic sulfur compound. It's a very important cofactor for many enzyme complexes. It has a major role in the synthesis of transferring energy from glucose, so it can be used in a lot of physical reactions in your body. What makes lipoic acid different from many of the fatty acids is that it's actually both fat and water soluble, and so it can benefit many of your body's process functions. One of the greatest things that lipoic acid can improve is insulin sensitivity, and having a positive effect on your blood sugar. Therefore, it can actually contribute to weight loss. When you have sufficient levels of lipoic acid in your body, you can actually increase energy expenditure and have excess calories burned by activating your cellular energy signaling complexes, like folic acid, or Alpha Lipoic Acid also helps lessen the body's fatty production. And because high blood sugar levels are damaging to body's regeneration, being able to control the sugar and the fat processing in your body will be very beneficial to your cardiovascular health. Alpha Lipoic Acid is also great in being a good antioxidant. A lot of times our body goes through a lot of degeneration when it undergoes oxidative damage, meaning stress that causes harm or harm to your body. And so we need to be able to help produce antioxidants in order to reduce that degeneration and in one place that's very important is your brain. Lipoic acid actually helps your brain by reducing this amyloid beta induced inflammation and increasing neurotransmitter activity by helping the chemical signaling molecules. So that would be actually reducing your risk of developing Alzheimer's degeneration. Lipoic acid also can sometimes help with preventing cell death in your brain. So it's very great again as an antioxidant to reduce oxidative stress. Alpha Lipoic Acid is actually very great at also helping your cardiovascular health as an anti inflammatory and a powerful antioxidant. It can help to bring blood pressure to normal limits and improving your blood flow and also it is good for the nerves in that it helps to regenerate the nerves especially if you start to have some numbness and tingling from imbalanced sugar levels. So alpha lipoic acid helps not only weight loss, helps limit brain cell degeneration, maintains heart health, and can really help your stress response. What are some ways of getting lipoic acid through foods? Liver is a great source and kidneys have lipoic acid. Some vegetables that are great are broccoli and spinach and sprouts and peas. And then tomatoes can also contain some good amounts of lipoic acid.