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Lower Blood Pressure Naturally With This Amino Acid

June 25, 2023 Dr. Lam
The Dr. Lam Show
Lower Blood Pressure Naturally With This Amino Acid
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This important amino acid that is found in your body has several important functions in your body. It stabilizes the cell membranes, is one of your body's natural antioxidants, supports detoxification, and improves liver function.

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Dr. Jeremy Lam, MD:

Taurine supplement Taurine is a very important amino acid that is found in your central nervous system, skeletal muscles, in your brain and your heart tissue. Taurine is made from two sulfur containing amino acids called cysteine and methionine. Your body is able to manufacture taurine and store it as well in case it needs it in the future. Now what's so important about taurine is because it's a very important amino acid to help with heart health, as well as aiding your detoxification pathways. Now before I get into the benefits, let's talk about where you can get taurine. Taurine can be found in a number of animal products. For example, eggs, shellfish and meat have quite a bit of taurine. And it's less commonly found in vegetarian foods. So if someone is on a vegetarian diet, they'll need to make sure they're monitoring their taurine intake. Having adequate amounts of this amino acid in your diet is vital because taurine performs several essential functions in your body. Some of these important functions include inhibit and modulates neurotransmitters in the brain, and so it helps us stabilize the cell membranes. It is one of your body's natural antioxidants, that also supports your body's detoxification pathways. It may help with liver function as well as people who have hepatitis. Again, it stabilizes the cell membranes in the brain and also in the heart, which then helps to regulate the electromagnetic forces. Prolonged supplementation can actually help people with heart failure. It also can improve the health of your gallbladder as well as eye disease and helps to lower blood pressure through natural diuretic effects. This is actually key that some people who start taking taurine will find that they're going to the bathroom more which can be a side effect. So if that's the case, then you do need to back off on taking a lot of taurine. The recommended dosing is anywhere between one gram to three grams a day. If you take five grams or more of taurine, this has been associated with loose stools and diarrhea. So stick within those recommended ranges here. Taking taurine supplements has been known to improve the health of your cardionomic circuit and really address some cardiac symptoms of adrenal fatigue syndrome, such as blood pressure issues. It's been really used by success again to help modulate and to help regulate your blood pressure. And why is this because of its anti-diuretic effect, and so it naturally decreases blood pressure. Taurine can also help soothe the sympathetic nervous system, relieving arterial spasms and also helping the blood vessels relax. And all of this combined more than naturally helped to lower your blood pressure. So today we talked about the multiple benefits of taurine and be aware with any supplementation you always have to do it under the right dosing under the right timing as well.