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Why Are There Vertical Lines On My Fingernails?

June 04, 2023 Dr. Lam
The Dr. Lam Show
Why Are There Vertical Lines On My Fingernails?
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Fingernail lines are key to opening the book on your health, be sure to watch more to find out what could be causing those lines.

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Dr. Carrie Lam, MD:

Why are there vertical lines on my fingernails? Vertical lines on your fingernails which go from the nail bed to the tip can be caused by a number of issues. These issues can occur out of the blue, and it's usually considered harmless, and a natural sign of aging. Your nails may be made to change this way because as you get older, you might have keratin deficiency, which is the protein that your nails are made of. Zinc, calcium or vitamin A deficiencies also happen and the slowing down of sale production can actually lead to the buildup of dead cells on the surface of your nails. Therefore, you get these vertical lines. If you notice other symptoms like color or texture changes in your nails, then it may be a sign of other health conditions. You should also see your doctor immediately if you notice horizontal lines on your nails, as that may be a sign of more serious health condition. Five conditions that cause lines on your fingernails. We talked about aging. Aging is own isn't the only condition that can cause vertical lines. It can also be a sign of other health conditions like trachyonychia, which is common in children with psoriasis, eczema or other skin conditions, and they can cause rough nails and changes in your nail color as well as brittle nails. Iron deficiency anemia, which usually also can cause some spooning of your nail. Rheumatoid arthritis can cause some changes, peripheral vascular disease, which can be very serious circulation issue and Beau's lines, B E A U S lines, a nail issue that causes horizontal lines and may indicate that you have diabetes or metabolic disease or thyroid problems or an acute kidney issue or if you've undergone chemo in the past. These causes are all very different and will have different implications for your health. So it's important that you do not ignore lines on your nails. Instead, go see your doctor for a checkup. The link between fingernail lines and adrenal fatigue horizontal lines on your fingernails. Definitely go see your doctor. They can also be a sign of late stages of adrenal fatigue. This is an often misunderstood disorder that can occur when you're under stress for a long period of time. The ongoing high demand for cortisol that occurs during stressful periods can cause malfunctions throughout your body, troubling symptoms and also adrenal gland dysfunction. Late stages of adrenal fatigue is strongly associated when many of these issues that can cause fingernail lines like diabetes. The health issues that can cause fingernail lines will also cause you a great deal of stress, which can bring on even more adrenal fatigue. So you have late stage of adrenal fatigue then the malfunctions in your body may help bring on one of the issues that causes fingernail ridges. If you are now in the late stages of adrenal fatigue, you will need to take steps to take care of your adrenal health in order to prevent long term health problems. How to Address vertical lines on your nails? You shouldn't just Finding the cause of fingernail lines. Even if you're older, you should still see your doctor if you have horizontal lines on ignore vertical lines on your nails. Even if you're pretty your fingernails. There are also times that fingernail changes sure that they're caused by natural effects of aging, visit signify something more serious. You should always see your doctor for sudden nail changes or if you injure your nail and it's crushed or bleeding. If you have horizontal lines, your doctor might book you in for a urine test to check your kidneys, may refer you to a dermatologist and test for skin conditions or infections. You may also do blood testing to find your nutritional deficiencies. These steps will help identify any issues causing your nails issues, and allow your doctor to guide you in addressing both horizontal and vertical nail lines. your doctor by testing and they should be able to identify the cause and give you a more personalized treatment plan. Here's some interventions that could help you with your nails. Topical eczema, ointments and moisturizers if it's caused by skin condition, supplements for mineral or vitamin deficiencies. An emery board to help smooth the lines on your nails but be gentle as they may be brittle, and supporting your adrenal health by gentle exercise, lowering stress levels, cutting out processed foods and also making sure you get your thyroid and other hormones checked. Thanks for listening today. We hope you got something very helpful from this content. If you'd like to hear more great tips make sure to click the subscribe button and also like and share this video so our content shows up to other people who need it. Remember, we're here to empower you to take control of your health.