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Weight Wonders: Unlocking the Secrets to Managing Hashimoto's & Your Weight

March 24, 2024 Dr. Lam
The Dr. Lam Show
Weight Wonders: Unlocking the Secrets to Managing Hashimoto's & Your Weight
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Has Hashimoto's thyroiditis thrown your weight journey off track? Discover how this prevalent condition interferes with your body's hormonal harmony, setting the stage for weight gain. Tune in to uncover the secrets of Hashimoto's and gain expert insight on weight management strategies tailored just for you! Don't let your thyroid dictate your life – regain control and transform your body with our practical and empowering tips. Ready to take on the challenge? Hit play and start mastering your weight with Hashimoto's today!

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How to Control your weight with Hashimotos. Hashimoto's is one of the most common thyroid disorders in the US. And it can have a huge impact on your health and lifestyle. It's an autoimmune disorder that causes white blood cells or lymphocytes to destroy your thyroid tissue. The thyroid gland that sits in the base of your neck, and is responsible for releasing a lot of different hormones, thyroid hormones. These hormones almost affect every organ in your body. And so damage to them can affect your health and your well being. If you think you have Hashimoto's then it's important to go to your doctor and get tested. Some of the symptoms that you can see in Hashimoto's is dry skin, fatigue, constipation, increased cold sensitivity, muscle weakness, joint aches, sleepiness. Hashimoto also puts a greater risk of developing other autoimmune conditions as well, such as diabetes, and other things, was one of the biggest challenges that people experience with this condition. Hashimotos is weight gain, or trouble losing weight. There's a number of reasons for this struggle with the biggest thing being that the hormone imbalance that occurs with this condition because thyroid hormones are responsible for regulating metabolism. Your thyroid secretes T four, and T three. These are hormones responsible for regulating how the body uses energy. They also help you control your weight, muscle strength, body temperature and nervous system. So they have a lot of effects. But imbalance, and these hormones will have a profound impact on your ability to lose weight then. So choosing the right diet for weight control is very important when you have Hashimotos. You want to be on the right diet to help reduce inflammation, which is thought to be a key cause in Hashimotos when it comes to weight gain some things that you can do with your diet include eliminating grains. Some of the studies have shown that eliminating grains can help reduce the thyroid antibodies in your body and help improve thyroid function. Limiting grains may also help reduce inflammation. So that can help as well. Lots of people with Hashimotos also have celiac. And with celiac, you also want to reduce grain or gluten as that can cause an immune reaction. So this can often go hand in hand with that as well. Another thing that's really good to do is to avoid dairy. Many people with Hashimotos also are sensitive to dairy. And that can create stomach and gut issues, as well as dairy can also increase inflammation in the body. And number three is make sure that you eat whole foods. Whole Foods are nutrient dense, they're anti inflammatory, they're antioxidants, and they may help with weight control. Or they may help for general good health that can help reduce the symptoms. So make sure you eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, whole grains, lean proteins, all that good stuff here. Number four is that you want to try and avoid soy. There's some evidence that soy may be harmful for your thyroid function. We do need to do a little more research on this here to see. there is a specific diet that's called the autoimmune protocol AIP diet that gradually eliminates these foods that may be harmful for our immune system. to really cut down on them and focus on healthy nourishing foods that can reduce inflammation. And that can be very helpful for weight loss in the setting of Hashimotos. So something that be very good that you can talk to your doctor about is AIP diet, autoimmune protocol diet that you can look into. that's all we have for today. Thanks for listening. I hope you got something helpful out of thid video. If you did, definitely please share it. If you'd like to hear more great tips, make sure you want to click the subscribe button. Also, please like this video, share his videos or content shows up for other people who may be needing this help to improve their health as well. Remember, we're always here to help you control take control of your health. Are you struggling with weight gain because of Hashimotos thyroiditis, this common disorder affects the hormonal balance in your body, making you more likely to gain weight. We're here to learn more about the disorder and better ways to control your weight when you have it. Read here to learn more about this disorder and better ways to control your weight when you have it